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BEA’s MS11 is an aesthetically pleasing, touchless activation device designed to reduce the spread of germs and improve accessibility in healthcare, retail, industrial and commercial settings. The MS11 has been purpose-built to withstand the extreme rigors of fast-paced and sanitary environments.

The flush-mount MS11 is a durable stainless steel device utilizing adjustable-range microwave technology. The MS11’s illuminated center and audible signaling confirms activation and encourages proper touchless use.

The MS11 detects moving objects such as a hand, cart or wheelchair and is designed for use in hospitals, pharmacies, clean rooms, food service and other areas needing highly accessible and germ-free activation.


Ideal for harsh environments

IP65 enclosure capable of use in industrial and extreme wash-down environments

Adjustable detection zone

Adjustable detection zone from 2 – 24 inches (pulse or toggle)

Activation alerts

Adjustable audible alert setting, including silent-mode required for hospitals and other noise-sensitive environments


Illuminated blue center changes to green upon signal reception / activation

Table of specifications


Microwave Doppler Radar


Detection Mode

Motion (bidirectional), Toggle or Timed Mode


Sensing Zone**

2 - 24" (adjustable)


Hold Time

1 s – 30 s


Alert Settings
Audible Alert
Visual Alert

Silent Mode or Signal Mode
Blue (Standby), Green (Activation)


Supply Voltage

12 – 24 VAC / VDC or 5 VDC


Current Consumption

< 2.8 W


Temperature Range

−22 °F – 158 °F


Enclosure Rating




1-Form C Solid State Relay
1A 30 VAC / VDC (max)


Single Gang
Double Gang

4.5” (H) × 2.75” (W) × 0.98” (T)
4.5” (H) × 4.5” (W) × 0.98” (T)
4.5” (H) × 1.68” (W) × 0.98” (T)


Wire Harness Length




Stainless Steel (faceplate) / ABS (center)


** See User’s Guide

  • ms11-single-gang

    Stainless steel, Single gang faceplate

  • ms11-jamb

    Stainless steel, Jamb size faceplate

  • MS11 - Double Gang

    Stainless steel, Double gang faceplate

    Stainless Steel Angled Mounting Box

    Stainless Steel Angled Mounting Box

  • 900mhz-retrofit
    900 MHz Touchless Retrofit Transmitter

    BEA’s 900 MHz touchless retrofit transmitter allows for easy upgrade of touch push plates to BEA’s Magic Switch series of touchless solutions.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the MS21 causing the door to cycle?  

There is possibly a grounding issue. Ground all unused conductors in the same cable as the power conductors. Be sure to use shielded cable and verify that both ends of the cable are grounded.


Can the MS21 activate devices other than doors? 

Yes. Always review power calculations to verify amperage and voltage limitations.


Are BEA touchless switches compatible with all brands and types of doors?  



How is the MS08 wired? 

The MS08 has a 4-wire configuration:

red and black = power

white = common

green = normally open

spare terminal = normally closed (if needed)


How do you adjust the relay hold time? 

The relay hold time potentiometer (POT).


Is there an audible alert? 

MS21 = yes (DIP)

MS08/09 = N/A

MS11 = yes (jumper)


Is there a toggle or latching feature? 

MS21H = N/A

MS08/09 = yes (output switch)

MS11 = yes (output mode jumper)


Do I need a special type of wire for any of the Magic Switch products? 

Only the MS21 requires shielded wire. All other Magic Switch products (MS08, MS09, MS11) require a standard grade, 4-conductor cable.


Is it possible to make a Magic Switch wireless? 

Using the 900 MHz Retrofit Transmitter, a Magic Switch can transmit wirelessly but still requires power to be hard-wired.


What are the minimum and maximum ranges for the MAGIC SWITCHES? 

MS08: 4″ to 24″

MS09: 4″ to 24″

MS11: 2″ to 24″

MS21: 0″ to 4″


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