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Battery-Powered Touchless Activation


MS51 - Urgent Care Exterior Wall 1 Feature

Discover MS51

Introducing performance that’s out of this world. Save headaches, time, and money with our industry-best battery life, seamless installation, and robust performance.

BEA’s MS51 series presents long-lasting battery-powered, active infrared touchless actuators that provide an easy three-step installation and reliable operation. The MS51W offers an integrated 900 MHz wireless transmitter for a completely wireless solution.

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  • MS51 Icon 1 - Hands Free Activation
  • MS51 Icon 5 - Battery Life Indication
    Battery Life Indication
  • Easy Installation & Setup
  • Advanced Light Cancellation
  • Window Pollution Sensing
  • Best-in-Class Battery Life

    This solution boasts superior battery life with up to three years of uninterrupted operation across a range of applications and environments.
  • A simple three-step process ensures quick push plate retrofit, reducing overall installation time and cost.
    Convenient one-box solutions are available for ease of ordering and stocking.

Reduce False Detections

MS51 offers reliable operation with key features engineered to ensure performance in challenging conditions.
  • Immunity Modes

    Selectable immunity modes enhance performance and reduce false detections from rain, water spray, and snow.
  • Window Pollution Sensing

    Built-in redundant sensor ensures consistent detection in the event of environmental interference.
  • Advanced Light Cancellation

    An advanced light-cancellation feature reduces false detections from direct sun and harsh lighting in exposed areas.
Extreme Weather
MS51 - Bollard with Falling Snow
Light Exposure
MS51 - Bollard with Sunrays
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Durable Faceplate

BEA’s MAGIC SWITCH® line of touchless actuators is suitable for surgical, wash-down, clean room, and pharmaceutical applications. Its robust construction is designed for harsh environments with a stainless-steel faceplate and IP65 rating.

Reduce the Spread

Touchless activation devices for doors, activation switches, restroom applications, water fountains, and other areas play a key role in reducing the spread of diseases in vulnerable areas by reducing touchpoints.


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