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Parking Solutions

Factory & Logistics Automation Solutions

Parking applications utilize sensor technology in several manners to improve overall safety, security and efficiency. Pairing a parking gate with the precision of a laser-based sensor keeps a gate from accidentally shutting on a car within the closing path of the gate. Sensors can be used to count vehicles within the lot, helping identify empty spaces or unauthorized vehicles. They can also be used to trigger cameras for license plate recognition


Motion Detection for Advanced Parking Applications

Motion sensors use microwave radar to provide a variety of benefits in Parking applications. These solutions can activate/deactivate barriers or be used as triggering devices for cameras or counters, which can indicate when and where spaces become available.

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Presence Detection for Parking Garage Applications

Presence sensors utilize laser- and infrared-based technology for enhanced detection in Parking applications. These solutions can be used at ingress and egress points and can also provide spot counting to signal when and where spaces are available.

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Dual Technology Sensors for Parking Applications

In Parking applications, dual technology sensors combine microwave and infrared technology into an all in one sensor capable of both detecting vehicles and protecting them as they pass through gates and barriers. These sensors can be mounted at various heights and are NEMA 4 rated to keep them operable in areas with harsh climates or high levels of dust and debris.

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Enhanced Logic for Pairing Sensors with Indicator Lights, Cameras and Other External Systems

Logic modules, when paired with sensors, can be used to activate cameras, indicator lights, security alerts and other devices used in Parking applications. The devices are easy to install and enhance the overall functionality of a sensors used in parking applications.

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LED Signal Lights for Parking Applications

LED Signal lights can be used to enhance awareness and safety in Parking applications. These devices pair with a sensor and a logic module to improve efficiency and safety, while streamlining operations in parking applications.

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