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Technology Laser


BEA’s LZR®-WIDESCAN is a LASER-based, Time-of-Flight sensor used for motion, safety and presence detection in a variety of industrial door applications. This highly-configurable solution offers the benefits of activation and safety, while reducing installation time.

This IP65 rated sensor creates a volumetric detection area by generating seven angled LASER curtains. It has the ability to detect objects based on direction, speed, object size and height. The LZR-WIDESCAN detection field operates independent of ground conditions, allowing for superior functionality in harsh environments.

Easily configure sensor settings with the LZR-WIDESCAN mobile app. The mobile app provides a complete view of sensor settings, from field configurations to immunity.

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Easy setup

Utilize mobile app to easily configure sensor settings (available on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store)


Promotes energy savings by reducing false detections / unnecessary
door cycling, helping to regulate HVAC

Virtual pull-cord

Virtual pull-cord function can differentiate between pedestrian and vehicle traffic and can provide pulse-on-stop activation

Visible spots

Two visible LASER alignment spots ensure accurate pattern placement

Table of specifications


LASER scanner, Time-of-Flight measurement
(7 LASER curtains)


Detection Mode

Motion, presence, height, and speed


Max. Detection Field
Width / Depth

1.2 x mounting height
(adjustable depending on user settings)


Thickness of First Curtain



Typ. Mounting Height

6’6” – 32’


Typ. Minimum Object Size

6” @ 19’6” (in proportion to object distance)


Test Body Dimensions

27 ½” × 11 ¾” × 7 ¾”


Min. Reflectivity Factor

> 2% (of floor and object)
(measured at max. 19’6” in safety field)


Emission Characteristics
Red Visible LASER

Wavelength 905 nm;
output pulse power 0.10 mW (CLASS 1)
Wavelength 635 nm;
maximum output power 0.95 mW (CLASS 2)


Supply Voltage

12 – 24 VAC ±10%
12 – 30 VDC ±10% @ sensor terminal


Power Consumption
Heating: Off
Heating: Eco or Auto

< 2.5 W
< 10 W, max 15 W


Response Time

Typ. 230 ms; max. 800 ms
(depending on immunity settings)



2 solid-state relays (galvanic isolation, polarity free)
24 VAC / 30 VDC (max. switching voltage) – 100 mA (max.
switching current)
- in switching mode: NO / NC
- in frequency mode: pulsed signal (f= 100 Hz ±10%)
1 electro-mechanic relay (galvanic isolation, polarity free)
42 VAC / VDC (max. switching voltage) – 500 mA (max.
switching current)



30 VDC (max. switching voltage)
low < 1 V       high > 10 V (voltage threshold)



2 tri-colored LEDS: Output status / Remote Control
Response / Error Signals
1 Blue LED: Bluetooth status



7 ¾” (H) x 6” (W) x 4” (D) (approx.)


Material / Color

PC / ASA / Black


Rotation Angles on Bracket

45° to the right, 15° to the left (lockable)


Tilt Angles on Bracket

-10 – 5°


Degree of Protection



Temperature Range

-22 – 140 °F


Norm Conformance

IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 61000-6-3, IEC 60950-1, IEC 60825-1,
ISO 13849-1 Pl “d”/ CAT2, IEC 62061 SIL 2

  • LZR-Widescan_1

    Motion, Presence and Safety Sensor for Industrial Doors

  • bea-remote
    BEA Universal Remote Control

    BEA Universal Remote Control


    Universal mounting bracket


    Bracket accessory for alternative mounting (ceiling, wall) of the LZR-WIDESCAN

  • mini-industrial-bracket
    Mini Industrial Bracket

    Universal industrial mounting bracket

  • industrial-bracket
    Industrial Bracket

    Universal industrial mounting bracket

  • LZR-WIDESCAN - Adapter Plate
    LZR-WIDESCAN Adapter Kit

    Adapter Kit for the LZR-WIDESCAN when using BEA’s Industrial Bracket or Mini Industrial Bracket

  • LZR-WIDESCAN - 50 ft Cable
    50’ cable for LZR-WIDESCAN

    Optional 50 ft cable for use with the LZR-WIDESCAN

  • LZR-WIDESCAN - 50 ft Cable
    30’ cable for LZR-WIDESCAN

    Optional 30 ft cable for use with the LZR-WIDESCAN

  • Power Supplies

    Mounted and plug-in Power Supply solutions

Frequently asked questions

Which output is used for each of the detection fields?

Defaults may be changed to suit the application needs. See User’s Guide (75.5916) for more information.
Output 1 = safety
Output 2 = presence
Relay = motion


Is it possible to ignore pedestrian traffic? What if people still need to occasionally use the door?

Yes, using the virtual Pull-Cord function. Up to 3 locations can be set for a pedestrian to activate the door by standing in the preset locations for X number of seconds. The same principle can be applied for vehicles.


Can the LZR-WIDESCAN be used in a freezer application?

The LZR-WIDESCAN has been tested down to -22F. When used in cold environments, it is
recommended to use the Heater function to help reduce frost/ice on the lens of the


Will the Height Trigger tell our door how high it needs to open?

The Height Trigger simply allows the LZR-WIDESCAN to reject objects below a certain height. One way to use this is to wire the Motion output to a Partial Open input, and the Height Trigger to the full open.


What does “E5 Masking” indicate?

A masking error simply means that a portion of the sensor’s view is blocked (i.e.
masked). This is a soft error and can be cleared by unlocking and locking the sensor.


How far from the door can the field of detection extend?

The ratio of mounting height to detection depth is 1:1.2.
The ratio of mounting height to detection width is 1:1.
For example, mounting the sensor at 10 feet high will create a maximum pattern size of 12′ deep by 10′ wide.


Where is the LZR-WIDESCAN pattern oriented?

Press UNLOCK > MAGIC WAND > MAGIC WAND. Two visible laser beams will appear to align the sensor pattern in close proximity to the door..


Are my outputs bad if the sensor appears to be working, but the door is not responding?

Verify the Output function settings in the sensor. Even though the appropriate LED may
illuminate, it is possible that the particular feature is not assigned to an output, or is
assigned to a different output than you thought.


How do I turn off the LEDs for an unused detection field?

Simply set that detection field’s width to 000.


Do I have to connect the monitoring wires (similar to the LZR-I30) for non-monitored applications?



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