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Single curtain stand-alone, door-mounted safety system for full and low energy swing doors


BEA’s LZR-FLATSCAN SW is a LASER-based time-of-flight presence sensor for use as a stand-alone safety sensor on automatic pedestrian swing doors. This solution can also be used as a reactivation sensor on the approach side of low energy doors.

This superior technology generates 170 detection points across a single curtain, which allows LZR-FLATSCAN SW to cover the entire face of a single door leaf including the hinge area.

Finger Detection Technology™ utilizes 100 detection points within the hinge area of the door, protecting hands and fingers while the door is in motion.

The LZR-FLATSCAN SW is capable of exceeding the 156.10 section standard for detection area and meets section 8.1.4 for monitoring.


Leading edge safety

Detection area extends beyond the leading edge of the door for enhanced safety

Hand Gesture Setup™

Easy door width programming using Hand Gesture Setup™ reduces configuration time

Reduced uncovered zone

LASER technology provides a reduced uncovered zone of down to 3/4 inch

Reduced components

Hub-less system offers fewer components for easier setup and installation

Table of specifications


LASER scanner, time-of-flight measurement


Detection Mode



Max. Detection Range

13’ (diagonal) with reflectivity of 2%
(e.g. at W = 5’ → max. H = 12’),
see Page 15 of Users Guide


Detection Area
Door Leaf Safety
Pinch Zone Safety



Angular Resolution
Door Leaf Safety
Pinch Zone Safety



Typ. Min. Object Size
Door Leaf Safety
Pinch Zone Safety

4“ @ 13’ (in proportion to object distance, DIP 2 = ON)
¾“ @ 13’ (in proportion to object distance, DIP 2 = ON)


Emission Characteristics

Wavelength 905 nm;
max. output pulse power 25 W; Class 1


Supply Voltage

12 − 24 VDC ±15%


Power Consumption

≤ 2 W


Response Time
Door Leaf Safety
Pinch Zone Safety

max. 50 ms
max. 90 ms


Test Input

30 VDC (max. switching voltage)
low < 1 V     high > 10 V (voltage threshold)


Door Leaf Safety
Pinch Zone Safety

2 electronic relays (galvanic isolation - polarity free)
42 VAC / VDC
100 mA


LED Signals

Red = swing side detection
Green = approach side detection
Yellow = error



5 ½“ (W) × 3 13“ (H) × 1“ (D)
(mounting bracket adds ¼“)


Material / Color

PC/ASA / Black, White or Silver


Tilt Angles

2 − 10° (without mounting bracket)


Degree of Protection

IP54 (EN 60529)


Temperature Range

-22 − 140 °F (if powered)



0 − 95% non-condensing



< 2 G


Min. Door Leaf Speed

2° / s


This sensor is powered by DC voltage only. If only VAC power is available, a 12V
transformer paired with a rectifier must be used. Do not use a 24V transformer
and rectifier as this will cause damage to the product.

  • flatscan-black

    Full energy swing door safety system, Black

  • flatscan-white

    Full energy swing door safety system, White

  • flatscan-silver

    Full energy swing door safety system, Silver

  • flatscan-black

    Low energy safety system for left door mount, Black

  • flatscan-white

    Low energy safety system for left door mount, White

  • flatscan-silver

    Low energy safety system for left door mount, Silver

  • flatscan-black

    Low energy safety system for right door mount, Black

  • flatscan-white

    Low energy safety system for right door mount, White

  • flatscan-silver

    Low energy safety system for right door mount, Silver

  • LZR-FLATSCAN SW - Spacer Black

    Spacer for the LZR-FLATSCAN SW

  • LZR-FLATSCAN SW Control Harness
    LZR-FLATSCAN SW Control Harness

    Control Harness for the LZR-FLATSCAN SW

  • LZR-FLATSCAN SW Master-Slave Harness
    LZR-FLATSCAN SW Master/Slave Harness

    Master/slave harness for the LZR-FLATSCAN SW

  • flatscan-sw-glass-door-accessory-grey-montage-01-640x389
    LZR-FLATSCAN Glass Door Accessory (GDA)

    Glass door accessory for the LZR-FLATSCAN

  • bea-remote
    BEA Universal Remote Control

    BEA Universal Remote Control

  • Sentrex Filler Plate
    SENTREX Retrofit Accessory

    Retrofit accessory for use when replacing the SENTREX sensor system with BEA’s door-mounted, swing door safety sensors.

  • no-image-application
    LZR-FLATSCAN Replacement Cover

    Replacement cover for the LZR-FLATSCAN SW

Frequently asked questions

Does an LZR-FLATSCAN have to be installed on each side of the door?

No, for Low Energy applications, a single sensor can be used on either side of the swing door.


Can the LZR-FLATSCAN be powered by a 24VAC transformer?

No, the LZR-FLATSCAN requires DC power. A 12VAC transformer and rectifier may be used or the LZR-MICROSCAN power supply.


How can the LZR-FLATSCAN be inhibited on a knowing-act door without secondary reactivation input?

You will need to use an LE21 or a BR3X on function 22.


Can the LZR-FLATSCAN relays be set so that one is N.O. and the other is N.C.?

Yes, using the BEA Remote Control.


Can the LZR-FLATSCAN be used on a revolving door?

Yes, in Static Mode. See Application Note 76.0028.


After doing a factory reset using the Remote Control, why is the LZR-FLATSCAN LED blinking orange and the sensor is not functioning?

Set all of the DIP switches to ON and then perform a factory reset.


Can the LZR-FLATSCAN be installed onto doors with exit hardware?

Yes, but the spacer must be used.


Are the LZR-FLATSCAN sensors handed (i.e. left-handed and right-handed) like the LZR-MICROSCAN T?



Why is the LZR-FLATSCAN LED blinking yellow after setting DIP switch 1 for the approach side?

After any DIP changes, you must push and hold the button to confirm the change.


Can the pattern for the LZR-FLATSCAN be manually adjusted?

Yes, the width and height can be adjusted using the BEA Remote Control.


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