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Bus Doors

Factory & Logistics Automation Solutions

Bus Doors utilize sensing technology to protect pedestrians during the boarding process, ensuring that a door does not close on a person who has not fully entered the vehicle. Sensors can also be used to detect pedestrians waiting to board a bus, opening the door when the vehicle has stopped and is ready to board.


Activation of Automatic Doors on Buses

The activation of Bus Doors is achieved through the use of microwave- and infrared-based sensors that accurately detect pedestrians and signal the door to open. These compact sensors integrate seamlessly with the buses’ door and design and can withstand the environmental challenges that include vibration, dust and debris build-up and changing weather conditions.

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Presence Detection for Automatic Bus Doors

Presence detection is achieved on Bus Doors by using infrared- and laser-based sensors. These sensors provide highly dependable and defined zones that accurately detect the presence of a person or object within the doorway.

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Single Technology Sensor Providing Motion and Presence Detection on Bus Doors

Both motion and presence detection on a Bus Door can be achieved by using a single sensor. Sensor patterns can be configured to accommodate the bus design and the product is both compact and unobtrusive.

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