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Focus Family



BEA’s Focus family consists of infrared-based presence sensors designed to effectively detect people and objects. These compact sensors can be used in a variety of applications where space may be limited or additional detection is required to complement pre-installed sensors, such as on revolving doors where pinch-zone protection is needed.

The Focus 2 offers the same protection as the Focus but can be recessed into a ceiling. The Smart Focus provides internal and external self-monitoring. Single button setup ensure easy installation in most common applications.

The Focus family can be used on revolving doors, drive-thru windows, and in industrial applications such gate and access control.


Low profile detection

Low profile, recessed-mount enables Focus 2 and Smart Focus to eliminate contact with the moving door

Monitoring capable

Smart Focus is fully monitored (not the Focus or Focus 2)

Perfect for activation of small windows/pass-thru

Ideal for drive-thru / pass-thru applications

Ideal for gate and barriers

Can be used in gate and barrier applications

Table of specifications





Focused Active Infrared


Detection Mode



Power Supply

24 VAC / VDC ±10%


Current Consumption

60 mA (On); 30 mA (Off)


Output Interface; relay

Relay; max. contact rating is 1 A @ 30 V (resistive)


Detection Range

0 ft – 8.2 ft


Distance Adjustment

2 ft – 8 ft, rotating cam with linear adjustment


Detection Time

< 50 ms


Detection Signal Duration

Infinite Presence Detection


LED Indications

Green LED = Detection


Operating Temperature Range

−30 °F – 140 °F


Connection to Controller

5-conductor cable


Detection Mode

NO or NC









Focused Active Infrared


Detection Mode

Presence detection by distance measurement


Detection Field

1.38 in × 2.75 in @ 7.25 ft mounting height


Light Indicator

Red LED: is ON during detection
Orange LED: flashes 1x after power on


Response Time

64 ms


Mounting Height

2 ft – 10 ft


Supply Voltage

12 – 24 VAC / VDC −5% / 10%


Mains Frequency

50 – 60 Hz


Max. Current Consumption

120 mA @ 24 VAC / 80 mA @ 24 VDC


Standard Output
Max. Contact Voltage
Max. Contact Current
Max. Switching Power

Relay (free of potential contact)
42 VAC / VDC
1 A (resistive)
30 W (DC) / 60 VA (AC)


Monitoring Input
Max. Contact Voltage
Voltage Threshold

1 optocoupler (free of potential contact)
30 V
high state: > 10 V Low state: < 1 V


Hold Time

0.5 s



min. 10% at IR-wavelength of 850nm


Temperature Range

−13 °F – 131 °F (−25 °C – 55 °C); 0 – 95% rel. humidity, non-condensing


Degree of Protection




5.67 in (W) × 1.57 in (H) × 1.97 in (D)


Length of Main Cable

8.2 ft


Norm Conformity

EN 61000-6-2; EN 61000-6-3; EN 50581; EN ISO 13849-1
Performance Level «c» CAT. 2 (under the condition that the door
control system monitors the sensor at least once per door cycle)

  • focus

    Presence sensor, surface mount

  • focus-2

    Presence sensor, recessed

  • smart-focus

    Presence sensor, recessed

  • 24vac-transformer

    BEA offers a variety of transformers to meet the needs of most applications.

  • smart-focus-surface-mount-adapter
    SmartFocus Surface Mount Adapter

    Surface mount adapter for BEA’s SmartFocus

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