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Factory & Logistics Automation Solutions

Warehousing is a general term used to describe the people, product and traffic moving in, out and through a warehouse. As these operations can be fast-paced and potentially dangerous, it is important to incorporate sensing technology to streamline workflow, improve access, maximize safety and safeguard resources. Loading docks, inventory rows and areas with heavy forklift traffic benefit from the added safety provided by BEA’s Warehousing solutions, which include activation sensors, safety sensors, access control products and warning light indication.


Motion Detection for Off-Door Warehouse Applications

Motion sensors can be used in warehouses with multiple aisles and crossing points to provide advanced signaling when a person or forklift is approaching an intersection. The result is a more streamlined workflow and improved worker safety.

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Enhanced Presence Detection in Warehousing Applications

Presence sensors are valuable tools in busy warehouses as they help streamline traffic, enhance worker awareness and protect equipment in off-door applications. The incorporation of presence sensors with LED signal lights creates safer zones in areas where both people and equipment are constantly on the move.

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Dual Technology Used for the Detection of Moving and Stationary Objects

Single and dual technology sensors providing motion and presence detection improve safety in warehouse applications. These sensors can signal a forklift around a blind corner or warn the forklift operator if the corner is not clear. They can also alert a person who is approaching a potentially dangerous area.

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Enhanced Sensor and Light Sequencing for Warehousing Applications

Logic modules can be incorporated into warehouse applications to integrate sensors with warning light indication. The combination can be used to improve workflow and safety in busy intersections, at blind corners or on doors separating areas of the warehouse.

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LED Signal Lights for Warehousing Applications

Signal lights can be used in a variety or warehouse applications when incorporated with motion and presence sensors. They can improve visibility and safety in busy intersections, enhance pedestrian awareness and safeguard blind spots.

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