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Perimeter Protection

Factory & Logistics Automation Solutions

Perimeter Protection involves the placement of sensors to create a secured area. If the area is compromised, the sensors that will activate an alarm. Perimeter Protection can include the monitoring of a building, property or other space with a designated perimeter.


Precise Detection Along Internal and External Perimeters

Laser-based sensors provide highly accurate zones that can be used to monitor a perimeter, such as property lines, fences or critical access points. Along with the precision, laser technology creates large patterns that are background independent and able to ignore rain, leaves or snow. NEMA 4 ratings ensure performance in harsh outdoor environments.

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FALCON EX - Petroleum Refinery

Motion Detection in Hazardous Environments

Motion sensors for hazardous environments combine our proven microwave technology in code-compliant explosion-proof and flame-proof housings. These devices can be used in restricted areas of high-security facilities and activate various building systems.

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Maglocks for Gate Security in Perimeter Protected Zones

In secured-perimeter applications, maglocks/gatelocks create a reliable and effective means of access control. These devices can be used to secure gates with 1200 lbs. of holding force. These devices are also NEMA 4 rated for consistent performance in harsh environments.

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Sequencing Functionality to Incorporate Sensors and Locking Devices with Building Security

Logic modules integrate seamlessly with Perimeter Protection devices such as laser-based sensors, which can be synced with a building’s security system. If a sensor goes into detection, the logic can signal the alarm to notify the proper authorities. Logic can also be used with Maglocks and/or keypads.

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Highly Visible Indication Devices to Signal Perimeter Breaches

Indicator lights can be used in guard houses or alongside a perimeter line to signal when an area has been breached. These lights provide additional levels of safety and awareness in applications where security and/or safety is key.

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