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BEA’s LZR®-S600 is a LASER-based Time-of-Flight sensor. This high precision technology ensures accurate detection. The product configuration provides four LASER-based curtains offering a three dimensional presence detection zone.

BEA’s LZR-S600 represents the largest detection field offered in our LASER Time-of-Flight product portfolio. This sensor is ideal for perimeter security protection, industrial automation and large industrial door / gate applications that require a wide field of detection.

The LZR-S600 is housed in an IP65 rated enclosure and can be installed in outdoor, industrial and other harsh environments. Three visible LED spots provide accurate reference points when adjusting the tilt angle. Parameter adjustments can be made with a BEA universal remote control.


BEA's largest detection field

Maximum detection range of 82 × 82 ft

Reduce false detections

High immunity to environmental interferences

Safe and reliable

External entrapment protection device capable of monitoring with interfaces building management systems

Eliminates false detections

Has the ability to ignore dynamic ground conditions and extreme weather

Table of specifications


LASER scanner, Time-of-Flight measurement


Detection Mode

Motion / Presence (EN 12453 Typ. E)


Detection Range

Default: 33’ × 33’ @ 2% remission factor
(max. 82’ × 82’)


Detection Plane

4 curtains per sensor, curtain spread dependent on mounting height


Angular Resolution



Emission Characteristics
Red Visible LASER

Wavelength 905 nm; maximum output pulse power 75 W (CLASS 1)
Wavelength 650 nm; maximum output CW power 3 mW (CLASS 3R)


Supply Voltage

10 – 35 VDC @ sensor side


Peak Current at Power-On

1.8 A (Max. 80 ms @ 35 V)


Power Consumption

< 5 W


Response Time

Typ. 20 ms; max. 80 ms (+ output activation delay)


Max. Switching Voltage
Max. Switching Current

2 electronic relays (galvanic isolated – polarity free)
35 VDC / 24 VAC
80 mA (resistive)


LED Signal

1 Blue LED: Power-on Status
1 Orange LED: Error Status
2 Bi-colored LEDs: Detection / Output Status
(Green = no detection, Red = detection)



5” (W) × 2 ¾”(H) × 3 23 (D)
Adds 1120


Cable Length









Rotation Angle on Bracket

±5° (Lockable)


Tilt Angle on Bracket



Degree of Protection

NEMA 4 / IP65


Temperature Range

-22 – 140 °F if powered
14 – 140 °F if unpowered



0 – 95% non-condensing



< 2G


Pollution on Front Screens

Max. 30%; Homogenous


Norm Conformance

2006 / 95 / EC: LVD; 2002 / 95 / EC: RoHS; 2004 / 108
/ EC: EMC; IEC 60529:2001; IEC 60825-1:2007; IEC
60950-1:2005; IEC 61000-6-2:2005; IEC 61000-6-

  • lzr-i30_s600_h110

    LASER scanner for building automation and security

Frequently asked questions

Why is there only a blue light on the LZR-S600?

Attach the blue wires to power if you’re not using monitoring.


Why does the remote control not program any settings?

The sensor has been locked out. Turn the power off and back on.


How do I perform a Learn on the LZR-S600 if the distance is too far for the remote or I don’t have a remote?

You must apply the recommended voltage to the oranges wires for approximately 2 seconds. Removal of the voltage from the orange wires triggers the learn process.


What is the maximum field allowed?

82′ x 82′


Can the LZR-S600 be used vertically and horizontally?

Yes. Be aware that the LZR-S600 is designed to detect all objects in its field; it cannot filter out objects like the LZR-H100 opening field.


Will the LZR-S600 detect snow and rain?

Yes. Utilize the Immunity setting (ghost on the remote).


Can I use one curtain to do one thing and the other curtains to do something different?

Yes. Each curtain is assignable to trigger field 1 relay, field 2 relay, both, or none. See User’s Guide for more information.


Why is the orange LED flashing and the detection LEDs are red?

No background reference is found or the sensor has moved. Check the position of the sensor. If there is no background reference, set the mounting side to 3, 4, or 5.


What is the minimum object size that can be detected?

This is dependent upon the distance from the sensor. I.e. If the distance is 10″, the minimum object size is 0.8″. If the distance is 33′, the minimum object size is 2.8″. If the distance is 82′, the minimum object size is 6.9″.


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