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Pedestrian Entrance Sensors

Request-to-Exit solutions can be used to manage accessibility within secure areas. BEA has a complete line of request-to-exit (REX) products including sensors, locking devices, push buttons and keypads. Building codes often require two forms of exit devices on a door, such as a motion sensor and a push button, to ensure that occupants are safely able to exit a building. Our sensors help meet these codes.


Precise Presence Detection for Request to Exit Applications

In Request to Exit applications, active infrared sensors focus directly on a door handle while ignoring cross traffic, ensuring detection for those intending to exit. Passive infrared sensors are also available and can be used in areas requiring larger detection zones.

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Access Control Devices Including Buttons and Key Switches

Buttons and keypads can be used on a door to provide a primary or supplemental means of secure ingress and egress. These items sync seamlessly with the door operator and can also be incorporated into a facility’s security system.

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Advanced Logic to Synchronize Multiple Request to Exit devices

Logic modules enhance functionality on doors using sensors, locking devices and other means of access control. These modules can be used to properly sequence the door and streamline entry or exit into a building/secured area.

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Electric Strikes and Maglocks for Added Security in Request to Exit Applications

Locking devices used on secure door applications include electric strikes and maglocks, both of which can be paired with logic modules and sequenced with Request to Exit devices. UL listed strikes and maglocks are available for applications governed by coding and building standards.

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