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BEA’s UL Listed R2E-100 is a request-to-exit sensor with an active infrared (AIR) detection zone focused directly on the door handle. This allows the R2E-100 to only detect people intending to exit through the door as they reach for the door handle.

The AIR based R2E-100 improves accuracy of detection as compared to passive infrared (PIR) technology including ground based errors, PIR sensor spoofing, known PIR vulnerabilities (hot air, background objects, cross traffic).


Standards compliant

UL 294 / ULC S319 Listed

Define your tilt angle

Adjustable tilt angle from 0 – 10°

Customizable detection zones

Adjustable detection range from 20 – 48 inches*
*The R2E-100 can accommodate swinging doors up to 7 feet

Low profile mounting

Low profile sensor mounts on or above the door frame

Table of specifications

Detector Type

Focused Active Infrared


Supply Voltage

12 – 24 VAC / VDC; ±10% @ 60 Hz


Sounder OFF

155 mA
200 mA


Temperature (UL Install)

32 – 120 °F (0 – 49 °C)



-20 – 120 °F (-29 – 49 ºC)


(ULC S319 Installation)
(UL 294 Installation)

0 – 93% non-condensing
0 – 85% non-condensing


Detection Range

20 – 48”, adjustable via potentiometer



2 Form “C” contact sets;
1.3 A @ 24 VAC / 30 VDC


Relay Hold Time

0.5 – 60 s, adjustable via potentiometer



85 dB max, adjustable volume


Indicator LEDs

Green, Red, Yellow, Orange


REX Input

DRY contact, NO


Card Reader Input

DRY contact, NC


Door Position Switch Input

DRY contact, NO



6 710” (W) × 1 710” (D) × 2” (H)



Plastic (ABS and PC)


Wiring Interface

JST (14-pin) with 4’ cable


Norm Conformity

UL 294 / ULC S319
FCC Part 15 B

  • r2e-100

    Focused active infrared sensor

Frequently asked questions

Can the R2E-100 be mounted on any door?

No, the R2E-100 has a maximum range of 48″ (from the lever/knob) and cannot be installed on a door 8′ or taller.


Does the R2E-100 have a UL rating?

Yes. UL294 (standard for access control systems).


Is there a need to use MOVs or diodes to protect the two form-C relays in the R2E-100?

No. The R2E-100 has built-in surge protection on both relays.


Can I also connect a request-to-exit sensor to the R2E-100?

Yes. There is an input for a dry-contact, normally open, REX sensor.


Why is the orange LED flashing?

Because the sensor or any of its enabled inputs has been in detection for longer than 10 seconds.


Can the R2E-100 be used for fail-safe or fail-secure applications?

Yes. DIP switch 1 chooses fail-safe or fail-secure if the sensor is stuck in constant detection.


How do I integrate a card reader with an R2E-100?

Enable card reader (N.C.) input via DIP switch 6. Connect a dry-contact, normally closed, access control device to the blue and blue/white wires.


Is there a tamper alarm for the access control input?

Yes. It is enabled using DIP switch 7.


Can I set the R2E-100 to not re-lock until door is actually closed?

Yes. Set DIP switch 2 to door position mode and connect a N.O. door position switch to the brown and brown/white wires.


Can I use the R2E-100 on a drive-through window?

Yes. The detection range is adjustable from 20″ to 48″; although, you may want to consider our FOCUS or FOCUS 2 sensor.


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