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Commercial Doors

Industrial Door & Gate Sensors

Commercial Doors can be paired with sensors to streamline traffic, protect equipment and enhance safety. These doors can be hollow metal, steel or fabric-based material designed to accommodate mechanized traffic such as a truck or a forklift. Along with the activation and safety benefits, highly-accurate sensors also help improve a building’s energy consumption and reduce door cycles.

Motion Detection for the Activation of Commercial Doors

Microwave technology can be used for the activation of Commercial Doors in industrial environments. The motion sensors used on these doors can be mounted at a variety of heights and angles to provide maximum flexibility. For outdoor and/or harsh environments, NEMA 4 rated sensors are available.

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Presence Detection for Commercial Doors

Commercial Door presence detection can be achieved by using either laser- or infrared-based sensors. Depending on the door’s size or the traffic passing through it, a variety of presence sensors are available to ensure proper protection. NEMA 4 rated sensors are available for harsh environments.

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Dual Technology for Motion and Presence Detection on Commercial Doors

Motion and presence detection on Commercial Doors can be achieved through the use of a dual technology sensors utilizing both microwave and active infrared technology. These sensors help ensure safety and streamline workflow through and around commercial doors commonly found in industrial applications.

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Touchless Activation for Commercial Doors

Touchless activation solutions create an effective and hygienic method of activation in industrial environments.

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Wireless Activation for Commercial Doors

Wireless transmitters and receivers can be used to enhance accessibility on Commercial Doors. These solutions are available in three frequencies (300MHz, 433MHz and 900 MHz) and eliminate the need to run wires, which reduces installation time, while providing greater mounting flexibility. NEMA 4 rated handheld models are available for use in industrial environments.

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Enhanced Functionality on Commercial Doors

Logic modules can be incorporated into Commercial Door applications to provide additional sensor functionality. Common uses include the tie in of knowing act devices or signal lights.

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LED Signal Lights Incorporated with Commercial Door Safety and Performance

Signal lights can be incorporated in Commercial Door applications to improve traffic flow, worker awareness and safety in busy areas. Additionally, these lights are incorporated with an optional audible alert feature to further enhance awareness.

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