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Technology Laser


BEA’s LZR®-H100 is a LASER-based Time-of-Flight sensor designed for gate and barrier applications.

This solution provides four LASER-based curtains, offering a three dimensional detection zone for accurate object detection. Its detection curtains are highly-configurable and can be set up for activation and presence detection in vehicle sensing applications.

The LZR-H100 is an effective alternative to induction loops and is housed in an IP65 rated enclosure, further ensuring its performance in outdoor environments.


Dual relay activation

Two relays allow for activation via motion or presence

Effective alternative to loop detectors

Ideal for applications where cutting ground for loops is prohibited, impossible or expensive

Reliable and constant detection

Time-of-Flight presence-based opto-electronic sensor ensures accurate and immediate detection

Trajectory Detection

Ability to detect vehicle trajectory during approach and departure

Table of specifications


LASER scanner, Time-of-Flight measurement


Detection Mode

Motion & Presence


Max. Detection Range

32’ × 32’ (9 ¾ m)


Remission Factor

> 2%


Angular Resolution



Emission Characteristics
Red Visible LASER

Wavelength 905 nm;
max. output pulse power 75 W (CLASS 1)
Wavelength 650 nm;
max. output CW power 3 mW (CLASS 3R)


Supply Voltage

10 – 35 VDC @ Sensor Terminal


Peak Current at Power-On

1.8 A (Max. 80 ms @ 35 V)


Power Consumption

< 5 W


Response Time
Motion Detection
Presence Detection

typ. 200 ms (adjustable)
typ. 20 ms (max. 80 ms)


Max. Switching Voltage
Max. Switching Current
Switching Time
Output Resistance
Voltage Drop on Output

2 electronic relays (galvanic isolated – polarity free)
35 VDC / 24 VAC
80 mA (resistive)
tON = 5 ms; tOFF = 5 ms
typ 30 Ω
< 0.7 V @ 20 mA



1 Blue LED: Power–on
1 Orange LED: Error status
2 Bi-colored LEDS: Detection / Output Status
(Green = no detection, Red = detection)



3 58” (W) × 2 ¾” (H) × 5” (D)
mounting bracket: + ½”


Cable Length









Rotation Angle on Bracket

±5° (lockable)


Tilt Angle on Bracket



Degree of Protection

NEMA 4 / IP65


Temperature Range

-22 – 140 °F powered (-30 – 60 °C powered);
14 – 140 °F unpowered (-10 – 60 °C unpowered);



0 – 95% non-condensing



< 2 G


Pollution on Front Screens

Max. 30% ; Homogenous


Norm Conformance

2006 / 95 / EC: LVD; 2004 / 108 / EC: EMC; IEC 60825-
1:2007; IEC 61000-6-2:2005; 2002 / 95 / EC: RoHS; IEC
60529:2001; IEC 60950-1:2005; IEC 61000-6-3:2006

  • lzr-i30_s600_h110

    Laser scanner for gate & barrier applications

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum size of the detection zone for the LZR-H100?

32′ x 32′


Do I have to use the remote to set up the LZR-H100?

Yes, there is no manual setup procedure.


Why is the blue LED on, but the LZR-H100 is not working?

You need to parallel the monitoring wires with the power wires.


Why is the remote control not working during LZR-H100 setup?

The sensor locks out the remote feature after 30 minutes of idle time. You must power cycle the sensor to access the remote feature again.


Why does the LZR-H100 fast-blink red when I try to unlock it and adjust?

A lock code has been set. If you power cycle the sensor, you can unlock the sensor and then press LOCK > 0000 to clear the lock code.


How can I determine where the LZR-H100 pattern is?

Press UNLOCK > MAGIC WAND > MAGIC WAND. This turns on 3 visible LEDs used to align the sensor.


Why is the LZR-H100 holding my gate open when it is not in detection?

The relay output is most likely set incorrectly.


Can I power the LZR-H100 with a BEA transformer?

No. It must be powered with DC voltage.


Are there any settings I can change on the LZR-H100 to prevent false detections when it rains?

Yes. You can increase the immunity filter, increase object size, and increase output activation delay.


Can I use the LZR-H100 in a freezer?

Only if there is not a lot of moisture or fog. The lens needs to be clear.


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