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Loading Docks

Industrial Door & Gate Sensors

Loading Docks are key access points where inventory is brought in and products are shipped out. On busy loading docks, there is a steady influx of truck and forklift traffic that must operate safely and efficiently. Sensing solutions and warning indication lights from BEA help achieve this by monitoring the area, activating doors, protecting people and signaling potential hazards. When a Loading Dock incorporates BEA’s industrial sensing solutions, it helps ensure that workflow remains steady in this critical access zone.

Motion Detection for Incoming and Departing Traffic from Loading Docks

Motion sensors use microwave technology to accurately detect trucks, forklifts, pedestrians and other incoming traffic on and around a Loading Dock. Of added benefit, these sensors ignore traffic passing across the door, helping reduce false activations and improve energy costs. These sensors can be mounted at various heights and are available in NEMA 4 rated enclosures to better withstand harsh environments.

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Presence Detection to Protect People, Equipment and Products on Loading Docks

Presence sensors use both infrared- and laser-based technology to protect valuable resources in the Loading Dock area. Various sensors can be used to for presence detection at various points on and around the door. NEMA 4 rated sensors are available for applications in harsh-weather environments.

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Motion and Presence Detection on Loading Docks

Dual technology sensing solutions can be used on Loading Docks to accurately detect vehicles moving to and from the door (motion detection) and people/objects working around the door (presence detection). These sensors can be mounted at various heights and easily adjusted via remote control. NEMA 4 rate housing protects the sensor in rain, snow and other harsh climates.

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Wireless Transmitters and Receivers for Loading Dock Door Activation

Wireless transmitters can be placed on or around a loading dock and paired with a receiver to provide for knowing act activation of a loading dock door. These transmitters can be used on a forklift, carried by a person or affixed near a door as a means of additional activation.

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Touchless Activation for Loading Docks

Touchless activation solutions maximize accessibility for workers by enabling them to effectively move throughout the facility.

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Enhanced Sensor Functionality for Loading Docks

Logic modules can be incorporated into Loading Dock applications to provide additional sensor functionality. Common uses include the tie in of knowing act devices or signal lights.

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LED Signal Lights for Loading Dock applications

Signal lights help enhance awareness on busy Loading Docks. The lights can be used to assist trucks entering and exiting a Loading Dock. They can also function as alert signals to improve safety for those working near the door.

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