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Automated Windows

Pedestrian Entrance Sensors

Automated Windows are designed to open and close via “knowing act” motion. Drive-thru windows are commonly activated via an infrared-based sensor that detects movement and opens a window when a hand attempts to pass an object through the detection field; such as in a fast-food restaurant or pharmacy. BEA sensors can be used to both automate and safeguard automatic windows. When the window is in motion, sensors ensure the area is clear, protecting both the window and any object in its path.

LZR-FLATSCAN W - Full Coverage Window

LASER-based Presence Detection for Automation

High-resolution LASER sensors can be used for the opening and closing of automated windows. Superior object detection small objects moving through the field such as a hand or finger. The same sensor can monitor the area, shutting the window only after the pattern is clear.

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Single Technology Sensor Providing Motion and Presence Detection

Precise infrared sensors can be used for the activation of drive thru windows. A hand or object moving through the field will trigger activation and the window will open. The same sensor will monitor the area, shutting the window after the pattern is clear.

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Presence Detection for Drive-thru Window Safety

Infrared detection can be used to protect objects attempting to pass items through a drive-thru window. The sensors will maintain detection until the area is clear and the window safe to shut.

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