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Technology Laser


BEA’s LZR®-MICROSCAN T is a LASER-based sensor system designed for automatic swing doors.

Utilizing Time-of-Flight technology, the LZR-MICROSCAN T eliminates the limitations of infrared-based devices. Its background independence eliminates nuisance detections caused by changing weather and floor conditions, while gyroscopes sense the movement of the door for accurate positioning.

The LZR-MICROSCAN T provides adjustable pattern depths that exceed the ANSI 156.10 standard and offer 100 percent coverage in all door states (fully open, fully closed, opening and closing).


Easy to install

Plug & play technology utilizing a centralized hub and intuitive LCD interface greatly reduces installation and setup time

Highly accurate detection

High resolution, self-adapting detection zones, coupled with reduced uncovered zones create the most accurate and reliable safety sensor

Standards compliant

Fully monitored internally, capable of external monitoring

UL 10B/C Listed

Fire rated for up to three hours

Table of specifications


LASER scanner, Time-of-Flight measurement


Detection Mode



Min. / Max. Door Width

20 – 48”
(measured from leading edge to sensor LED)


Mounting Height

75 – 98”
(measured from finished floor to sensor LED)


Remission Factor

> 2%


Angular Resolution




28" (H) × 12" (W) × 8" (D)


Emission Characteristics
IR Laser

Wavelength 905 nm; Maximum Output Pulse Power
35 W (Class I)


Supply Voltage

12 – 30 VDC (15 W Class II)


Power Consumption

< 15 W


Response Time

Typ. 40 ms; Max. 80 ms


Output Rating

4 electro-mechanic relays
(galvanic isolated - polarity free)
All outputs Class 2 supply, 12 – 24 VAC, 12 – 30 VDC,
Max. 15 W


Input Rating

2 optocouplers (galvanic isolated - polarity free)
12 – 24 VAC, 50 / 60 HZ, 12 – 30 VDC, Max. 15 W


Test Input*

8 – 15 VDC


Temperature Range

-13 – 121 °F (-25 – 55 °C)


Degree of Protection

Hub: IP20 / NEMA 1
Sensor: IP53 / NEMA 3



0 – 95% Non-condensing



< 2 G





Norm Conformance

EN 60825-1-Eye-safety class 1 IR LASER (905 nm),
UL 10B/C Fire Rated 3 hrs (file #R39071)


Mounting Angle (rotational)

35° fixed


Tilt Angle

0 – 5° (for angles less than 5° contact Technical


Pollution on Front Screens

Maximum 30%, homogenous

  • lzrmicroscan1

    Single swing door kit


    Sim Pair / Dual Egress kit


    Custom Single universal kit


    Custom Pair / Dual universal kit


    LZR-microscan hub


    Left mount sensor


    Right mount sensor

  • lzr-microscan-mounting-arm
    LZR-MICROSCAN T Mounting Arm

    Extension mounting arm for LZR-MICROSCAN T sensor installation on glass doors.

  • microscan-y-harness
    LZR-MICROSCAN T Glass/Fire Door Mounting Kit


  • microscan-spacer
    LZR-MICROSCAN T Mounting Spacer


  • LZR-MICROSCAN - Universal Kit
    LZR-MICROSCAN T Universal Accessory Kit

    Universal accessory kit for the LZR-MICROSCAN T system, including power supply and O/O/HO switch.

  • Sentrex Filler Plate
    SENTREX Retrofit Accessory

    Retrofit accessory for use when replacing the SENTREX sensor system with BEA’s door-mounted, swing door safety sensors.

  • no-image-application
    LZR-MICROSCAN T Replacement Cover

    Replacement sensor cover, Black

Frequently asked questions

Why am I getting a Height/Angle error?

1. The sensor is mounted incorrectly (i.e. handed sensors are installed in the opposite manner). Observe the hinge arrow on the sensor label.

2. The sensors are mounted to the header instead of to the door.

3. The sensor detects panic hardware installed on the door. Use the provided spacer.

4. The mounting template was used incorrectly.


Why am I getting an EPDS error?

1. The door did not open at least 80 degrees. Adjust the door for proper operation and then launch a new Learn.

2. The home switch is not breaking soon enough. Adjust the door for proper operation and then launch a new Learn.


Why am I getting Lost Message and Motor errors?

Harnesses may be loose/damaged. Verify all connection points. The door may have been impacted or struck by an object.


Why are the LZR-MICROSCAN sensors activating the door in a knowing-act application?

Knowing act is turned OFF. In the ADVANCED menu on the hub, change Knowing Act to ON.


On a pair of doors, if one door is manually pushed and held open, why does the system activate, causing the panic hardware on the closed door to jam?

Activation is not going through the hub. All activation should go through the hub first and then through Logic Modules. If activation cannot be initiated through the hub, BEA recommends setting the system to Advanced Safety.


Why won’t the doors activate?

The On/Off/Hold Open switch is preventing activation. Using the provided jumper, wire-nut the red and black wires together and plug it into the ON/OFF/HOLD port on the hub.


Why am I getting a Fields error?

1. There is an issue with the home switch. Ensure that the home switch is making and breaking correctly as the door cycles.

2. The door speed is set too slow; therefore, the door is not reaching a fully closed position before the system Learn completes.


Why am I getting Environmental errors?

Either the LZR-MICROSCAN power source is incorrect (e.g. powered from an unrecommended door control or from an AC transformer) or the temperature is too low or too high. Use from the LZR-MICROSCAN power supply included within the universal kits.


Why am I getting Boundary errors?

There is interference with sensor detection. Check transfer loop and door hardware. If the transfer loop is too long, trim it to an appropriate length. If hardware spanning the width of the door is causing interference, install the provided spacer.


Why is the door randomly stalling and/or recycling?

Either the detection width is not set correctly (i.e. the distance from the sensor LED to the leading edge of the door) or the Guiderail height is not set (in the BASIC menu).


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