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Frequently Asked Questions

Does an LZR-FLATSCAN have to be installed on each side of the door?

Yes, for full-energy applications.
No, for Low Energy applications, a single sensor can be used on the approach side of the swing door in Static Mode.

Can the LZR-FLATSCAN be powered by a 24VAC transformer?

No, the LZR-FLATSCAN requires DC power. A 12VAC transformer and rectifier may be used or the LZR-MICROSCAN power supply.

How can the LZR-FLATSCAN be inhibited on a knowing-act door without a secondary reactivation input?

You will need to use a Door Position Switch with an LE21 or a BR3X on function 22.

Can the LZR-FLATSCAN relays be set so that one is N.O. and the other is N.C.?

Yes, using the BEA Remote Control.

Can the LZR-FLATSCAN be used on a revolving door?

Yes, in Static Mode. See Application Note 76.0028 (available at www.BEAsensors.com).

After doing a factory reset using the Remote Control, why is the LZR-FLATSCAN LED blinking orange and the sensor is not functioning?

Set all of the DIP switches to ON and then perform a factory reset.

Can the LZR-FLATSCAN be installed onto doors with exit hardware?

Yes, but the spacer must be used.

Are the LZR-FLATSCAN sensors handed (i.e. left-handed and right-handed) like the LZR-MICROSCAN T?


Why is the LZR-FLATSCAN LED blinking yellow after setting DIP switch 1 for the approach side?

After any DIP changes, you must press the setup button for 3+ seconds to confirm the change.

Can the pattern for the LZR-FLATSCAN be manually adjusted?

Yes, the width and height can be adjusted using the BEA Remote Control.

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