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General terms and conditions

BEA Americas Service Plus - Addendum

Warranty Information

We promise to provide our customers with the best possible after sales service and will continue to offer a full 36-month warranty from date of purchase. Also, BEA Americas. (BEA) will guarantee you a… TWO WEEK TURNAROUND ON ALL WARRANTY REPLACEMENTS!

Service Plus Guidelines

BEA is committed to this program and will guarantee you a free sensor, should we fall short of our warranty replacement policy. If you have any questions regarding this new policy, please feel free to contact the Quality Control/Warranty Manager, at 1-800-523-2462.


BEA, Inc. (BEA) warrants that all products sold will be free from defects in workmanship and materials during the warranty period. The warranty period shall extend for thirty-six (36) months from the date of sale.

Within this warranty period, BEA at its sole option, will repair or replace (F.O.B. Pittsburgh) the goods in question at no charge subject to provisions as described below.

The warranty period for a repair or replacement will continue for the remainder of the original 36-month period. For example, if a 14-month old unit is returned under warranty, its repair/replacement will still be under warranty for the remaining 22 months from the date of the original sale.


All warranty returns will be processed through the Pittsburgh location. Prior to returning items for warranty purposes customers are encouraged to contact BEA by fax, phone, or the email address listed below. To speed up the RMA process, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Company Name & Address or Account # (AR#)
  • Serial Number
  • Item Number

Units returned to BEA should be properly packaged and shipped freight prepaid to:

Attn: Warranty Dept.
100 Enterprise Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275

BEA reserves the right to refuse packages damaged due to improper packing.

A packing list should be included with each package
and contain the following information:

  • Customer
  • Address (where repair/replacement should be shipped)
  • Customer Reference (1.e. PO#, job Name, ect.)
  • Date of Shipment
  • RMA# (if provided by BEA)
  • List of Units Returned
  • Description of Problem

If you purchase BEA products from your automatic door manufacturer, please submit all warranty claims to that manufacturer.

Out of Warranty

Items returned with an expired warranty will not be repaired or replaced.

NOTE: If an item is determined to be out-of-warranty, it will be discarded without notice.

To help avoid returning out-of-warranty items, customers are encouraged to contact the After Sales Service Department by fax, phone or e-mail address listed below:

  • Company Name & Address or Account# (AR#)
  • Serial Number
  • Item Number

The required information is generally listed on the circuit board inside the product housing. If the product does not have a serial number on the circuit board, use the number from the product housing.

NOTE: Products that have no serial number label will be treated as out-of-warranty.

BEA will confirm the warranty status when the product is returned and may update the status based on the visual inspection of the actual item.


BEA will confirm the warranty status when the product is returned and may update the status based on the visual inspection of the actual item:

  • Damage caused by improper electrical connections
  • Damage caused by defects in other manufacturer’s equipment
  • Damage caused by fire, lightening, vandalism, acts of God
  • Damage caused by water (weather protection accessories are available)
  • Rebuilt, re-manufactured or repaired units by the customer or third party

The warranty is also void on any unit that has been tampered with, modified or otherwise taken apart by
non-BEA personnel.

Batteries are not covered under the BEA Warranty Policy.

If a customer account has any outstanding invoices over 90 days, our 2-week guaranteed turnaround will not apply.

If you have any questions about our After Sales Service program, please contact our After Sales Service Team at:

Phone Number: 1 800.523.2462
Fax Number: 1 412.249.4101
Email: [email protected]


Any product(s) being returned to BEA Americas for credit must have an accompanying Returned Merchandise
Authorization (RMA) number for proper identification and receipt. To obtain an RMA number, please contact your Sales Representative.

Any expenses incurred with regard to the shipping/freight costs of returned product(s) to BEA are the
responsibility of the customer.



I. Product(s) Returned within One Month of Purchase Date.
Any product(s) being returned within one month of purchase date, as NEW or stock condition, will receive a full credit on the value of the item provided the return has an RMA number. Each unit must be returned complete and in the original ‘sellable’ package condition.

II. Product(s) Returned after One Month from Purchase Date.
Any product(s) being returned after one month, but still within six months of the purchase date, will receive a credit less a 25% restocking fee provided the return has an RMA number. The condition of the product(s) will determine the amount of the credit to be issued. Credit will never be more than 75% of the purchase price.

III. Product(s) Returned after six months from Purchase Date.
Any product(s) being returned after six months of purchase will be treated as a warranty replacement.

IV. Product(s) Returns without an RMA Number.
Any product(s) received with no corresponding RMA number will be treated as a warranty replacement.

V. Third Party Product(s) Returns.
If a company other than the original purchaser returns product(s), credit will not be issued. In this case, we will honor the balance of any remaining warranty. The respective, regional Sales Representative will be in contact with the customer in these instances.

VI. Customized SuperScans
Custom SuperScans that are returned for credit will incur a 25% restocking fee regardless of the date of purchase and the condition in which the product is returned.

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