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BEA’s DELAYED EGRESS MAGLOCK KIT is a user friendly security solution for out-swinging perimeter doors. The kit meets a variety of building, fire and life safety codes.

A 1,200 lb, pressure-sensing maglock is coupled with a keyswitch and sounder to create an easy-to-install solution that controls and monitors door access.

The keyswitch can be positioned in a convenient location to create authorized personnel access points.

Note: Not intended for outdoor environments


Programmable egress time

Authorized egress time programmable 0 – 15 seconds

Standards driven

UL 294 listed kit

Customizable LED features

LED color and flashes can be customized

Triggering options

Delayed Egress can be triggered with pressure on the door or with a REX input (or disabled completely)

Table of specifications

Housing Dimensions

10.8215” (W) × 2.875” (H) × 2.125” (D)


Armature Dimensions

7.4375” (W) × 2.375” (H) × 0.625” (D)


Voltage / Tolerance

12 – 24 VDC; ±10%


Max. Power / Current Draw
Maglock & Sounder
Low Voltage Supply
Detection / alarm

0.49 A / 12 VDC
0.24 A / 24 VDC
< 8 V


Holding Force

Up to 1200 lb


Mortise Cylinder

1 18” cylinder with straight cam required,


Operating Temperature

14 – 140 °F


Norm Conformity

UL / CUR Listed FWAX
Special locking arrangements


Compliance Provisions

IBC, SBC, UBC, BOCA, or NBC of Canada, NFPA 101

  • 10MAGDE1

    Delayed Egress Maglock Kit

Frequently asked questions

How do I configure the DE MAGLOCK for 12 VDC or 24 VDC?

No configuration necessary. The DE MAGLOCK is auto-sensing.


Can I use a transformer and rectifier to power the DE MAGLOCK?

No. DE MAGLOCKS must be powered by a filtered and regulated, UL-listed power supply.


How do I set the DIP switches in the first bank?

Check with your local AHJ for the local codes, and then set accordingly.


Why does the DE MAGLOCK appear to be working, but has very little holding force?

Typically, the armature plate mounting bolt is too tight. Try loosening a quarter-turn at a time, until you get a bond.


How can I secure my door from the outside using the DE MAGLOCK?

Turn off DIP 1 on DIP bank 2, and then install an appropriate REX switch in an exit device with the white and blue wires terminated to the exit device.


Can I use an access system to reset a DE MAGLOCK?

Yes. It will require a dry output from your access control that signals the brown and brown/white wires when a reset is required.
NOTE: Local codes may dictate/mandate/require otherwise. If unsure, consult your AHJ.


What is the function of the yellow wires in the DE MAGLOCK?

These wires attach to a sensor to prevent the DE MAGLOCK from force-releasing if someone from outside pulls the door open. When the sensor is in detection, the DE MAGLOCK will not start the releasing timer.


Is only one sounder required when using the communication cable?

No. One sounder is required for each lock. The lock sounder that was installed in the alarm will sound.


Can a lock release time be set for authorized exit?

Yes. DIP switches 5 through 8 on DIP bank 1 allow for 0 to 15 seconds lock release time.
NOTE: Local codes may dictate/mandate/require otherwise. If unsure, consult your AHJ.


Can the LED color be changed for the unlocked status?

Yes. DIP switch 8 on DIP bank 2 allows for red or green LED options.


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