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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set the IS40 so it detects vehicles but not people?

Set Detection filter (Rejection mode) to 3 or higher, walk-test, and then test with vehicle.

Why is the red LED on and the door is stuck open?

The Presence function of the sensor is in detection because the field has not been determined. Perform a setup (unlock, magic wand, 0) to clear the LED.

The sensor is set to not detect people. Why is it still detecting people?

1. If the green LED illuminates, the microwave motion sensor is detecting people. Continue to troubleshoot the motion settings.
2. If the red LED illuminates, the active infrared presence sensor is detecting people. You need to adjust the AIR target size.

Why is the door recycling open?

The IS40 is detecting the motion of the door or sensing external vibrations. You need to tilt the sensor out farther and/or reduce the detection field (Sensitivity).

How long is the cable?

33 feet.

What is the power requirement for the IS40?

12 to 24 VAC ±10%; 12 to 24 VDC +30%/-10%

Why won’t the IS40 respond when I attempt to modify the Detection filter?

Verify that it is an IS40 and not an IS40P (presence detection only, no motion detection).

Why does the IS40 LED blink red quickly when I try to unlock it with the remote control?

A lock code has been entered. To remove it, cycle power on the IS40 and then press UNLOCK > LOCK > 0000 using the remote control.

Can the IS40 be used outdoors?

Yes, the IS40 has a NEMA 4 / IP65 rating.

Can I adjust the IS40 without the remote control?

Yes, please reference the User’s Guide for manual adjustments.

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