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Frequently asked questions

Why is the LZR-I30 not working and the blue light is on?

The monitoring wires must be paralleled with the power wires.

Why is the remote control not working with the LZR-I30?

The LZR-I30 locks out the remote control after 30 minutes of idle time. You must cycle the power to access the remote control feature again.

Where is the LZR-I30 pattern oriented?

Press UNLOCK > MAGIC WAND > MAGIC WAND. Three visible laser beams will appear to align the sensor.

Can the LZR-I30 be powered with a BEA 24VAC transformer?

No, the LZR-I30 can only be powered with DC voltage.

Can the LZR-I30 be set to prevent false detections when it rains?

Yes. To achieve this, increase the Immunity Filter, Minimum Object Size, and Output Activation Delay.

Can I use the LZR-I30 in a freezer?

Yes, as long as there is not a lot of moisture or fog present. The lens must be clear for proper operation.

Will water on the floor cause issues?

No. The LZR-I30 has an uncovered zone 4 inches above the floor and can be increased up to 8 inches.

Why is the LZR-I30 flashing orange and stuck in detection?

The LZR-I30 was set up with a reference point. You must re-learn or set up again without a reference point.

Why will the LZR-I30 not power up, even with DC voltage?

The LZR-I30 can draw up to 1.8 amps for a very short time during start up. Ensure that the power supply can withstand the in-rush current.

Can I use the LZR-I30 for a horizontal application?

Yes. Utilize the visible red spots to help orient the detection zone.

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