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BEA Trainings


Product Webinars

BEA offers weekly online Webinars on specific BEA products. Sign up to participate in a scheduled training or contact us to schedule a private Webinar for your team.

BEA Inc. is pleased to introduce its “Tech Time to Learn” seminars as a way to educate and train our field technicians on our newest and most commonly used products. We understand your time is valuable so we are offering quick and easy training sessions at various times throughout the day.

Training line up

BEA’s FALCON FAMILY of sensors are microwave activation solutions for indoor and outdoor industrial applications. The family includes the FALCON, FALCON XL (extra low mount) and FALCON WIDE (for wide detection areas).

BEA’s FALCON FAMILY is ideal for automatic industrial doors, vehicle gates / barriers, vehicle detection, loading docks or any other industrial application where motion detection is required.


BEA’s BR3-X provides both simple and advanced logic controls. Common uses for the BR3-X include automatic pedestrian doors, access control, industrial automation and single-occupancy restrooms.


BEA’s BR2-900 is a 2-relay logic module with built-in 900 MHz wireless technology. Designed to provide wireless MC25 functionality, it is ideal for applications requiring sequencing of electric locking devices and automatic door activation.


BEA’s LZR-FLATSCAN SW is a LASER-based Time-of-Flight presence sensor for use as a stand-alone safety sensor on automatic pedestrian swing doors. This solution can also be used as a reactivation sensor on the approach side of low energy doors.

MS11 + 900 MHZ Touchless Retrofit Transmitter: Converting Touch to Touchless

BEA’s 900 MHz Retrofit Transmitter is used for upgrading existing hardwired push plates to touchless solutions, eliminating the need to run additional power wires.


BEA’s LZR-WIDESCAN is a sensor used for motion, safety and presence detection in industrial door applications.

The volumetric detection field has the ability to detect objects based on direction, speed, object size and height.

The LASER-based Time-of-Flight technology operates independently of ground conditions, allowing for superior functionality in harsh environments.


BEA’s LZR-H100 is a LASER-based Time-of-Flight sensor designed for gate and barrier applications.

The four horizontal curtains provide a three-dimensional detection zone capable of activation and presence detection.

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