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Frequently asked questions

I replaced an EAGLE on a STANLEY door. Why is it working abnormally?

STANLEY uses a custom EAGLE called the SU100. When installing a standard EAGLE, set the relay output to “2”.

Why is the two-way traffic, swing door with EAGLEs on both sides recycling?

The EAGLE is mounted in a way that the door is causing activation due to the movement of the door. Move the sensor beyond the lead edge of the door and assure it complies with ANSI 156.10

Can an EAGLE be used to activate a low-energy door?

No, a low-energy door must be “knowing act” and cannot be activated by a motion sensor. The EAGLE can be used for reactivation but not initial activation.

What is the function of the two buttons on the EAGLE?

The two buttons adjust the zone size (sensitivity); the top button adjusts larger and lower button adjusts smaller. If both buttons are pushed together and held for 2 seconds the sensor will be reset to factory values.

I replaced a Stanley EAGLE with a BEA EAGLE. How do I set the LED the same as before?

You cannot do this. The Stanley EAGLE LED is red at rest and blank while in detection. The BEA EAGLE is blank at rest and red while in detection.

Can I use an EAGLE to release an electric lock?

Yes. Use the contacts to break the positive leg of power to your electric lock.

Can I install an EAGLE onto a moving door?

No. The EAGLE can only be utilized in a fixed position and must be static.

Can I use an EAGLE to provide safety for my door?

No. The EAGLE can never be used in this manner because it is a motion detector. You will need a presence sensor for this type of application.

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