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Technology Radar & Active Infrared


BEA’s IXIO-DT1V is the premier motion and presence sensor for sliding doors. Coupled with the dual technology, the IXIO-DT1V includes an NTSC-compliant video surveillance camera that provides high quality footage of those entering and exiting a building.

The IXIO-DT1V can be adjusted into ANSI compliance solution and has earned a comprehensive list of credentials and certifications, including FCC and IP54.

The high quality camera offers a wide field of view and is ideal for video documentation of pedestrian traffic, liability and warranty documentation, people counting and security applications, in a variety of environments.

The IXIO-DT1V ensures convenience, safety and energy efficiency on automatic sliding doors.


Additional camera functionality

Provides an SDTV camera that shoots 30 frames of footage per second

Energy efficient

Ten microwave activation sensitivity settings and three infrared safety immunity settings

Standard compliant

Fully monitored internally, capable of external monitoring

Easily integrates

Integrates with building surveillance systems

Table of specifications


Microwave Doppler Radar

Active Infrared

Detection Mode



Transmitter Frequency

24.150 GHz


Transmitter Radiated Power

< 20 dBm EIRP


Transmitter Power Density

< 5 mW / cm2


Spot Size


2” × 2”

Max. Number of Spots


24 per curtain

Max. Number of Curtains



Max. Contact Voltage
Max. Contact Current
Hold Time

(potential and polarity free)
30 VDC
1 A
Microwave: 0.5 – 9 s
(user adjustable)

(potential and polarity free)
42 VAC / VDC
400 mA
Infrared: 0.3 – 1 s

Test Input

Low: < 1 V; High: > 10 V (max. 30 V)
Response time on test request: typical: < 5 ms

Sensitivity: Low: < 1 V; High: > 10 V (max. 30 V)
Response time on test request: typical: < 5 ms

Supply Voltage*

12 – 24 VAC 50 / 60 Hz, 12 – 30 VDC


Power Consumption

< 2.5 W


Mounting Height

6 ½ – 11 ½’


Temperature Range**

-13 – 131 °F
0 – 95% relative humidity, non condensing


Degree of Protection



Norm Conformity

R&TTE 1999 / 5 / EC; LVD 2006 / 95 / EC;
MD 2006 / 42 / EC; ROHS 2 2011 / 65 / EU



10 35“ (W) × 2 ¼” (H) × 2 ¼” (D)


Cable Length







Voltage Regulator

6.6 – 36 VDC; ±10%, 6 – 28 VAC; ±10%


Operating Temperature

-22 – 140 °F (max. RH: 95%)


Video Output

1.0 (Vp-p) / 75 Ω


Image Sensor



Horizontal Resolution

480 TVL


NTSC Output

720 (H) × 480 (W)


Sync System



Frame Rate

30 fps


Minimum Illumination

0.01 LUX


AE Control



Gain Control



Electronic Shutter

1 s ~ 1/10,000 s


S / N Ratio

> 50 dB





*To be operated from SELV-compatible power supplies only
**LCD screen is operational from 14 – 131 °F. The sensor may still be programmed in colder temperatures, but with the remote control.

  • ixio-dt1v

    Activation and safety sensor with camera for sliding doors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why will the IXIO’s active infrared safety pattern not hold the door open?

The brown and blue wires must be connected, or F1 must be set to “1” using the remote control.


Why is the PNP harness not working on a BESAM control?

The harness is reversed; the short harness plugs into the IXIO.


Why is the RECORD sliding door holding open?

The RECORD control uses a normally closed safety circuit; set the safety output to N.C.


Why is the IXIO bliking red on a DORMA door?

The IXIO is defaulted to monitoring ON; connect the two (2) purple monitoring wires to the control.


How do I eliminate four (4) orange LED flashes or “low AIR”?

Verify the pattern width shutters are not closed (the software should still be set to wide).Verify the active infrared safety pattern is not tilted out too far away from the door.

Turn off the 2nd active infrared safety pattern row.


Why does the door recycle open?

If the red LED illuminates, the active infrared safety curtain needs adjusted.

If the green LED illuminates, the microwave activation angle/sensitivity/immunity needs adjusted.


What are the extra wires not connected to the door control?

The two (2) purple wires are for monitoring and the yellow wire is for N.C. activation relay.


How do I locate the IXIO’s active infrared safety pattern relative to the door face?

Double-click the gray knob to turn on the visible red aligment spots or press UNLOCK > MAGIC WAND > + on the remote control, and then use the red knob to adjust active infrared saftey pattern to within 3” of the face of the sliding door panel. After adjustment, relaunch a setup.


How do I use an IXIO for 1-way traffic reactivation?

If the door is equipped with a two-way traffic option, connect the white and green wires to the activation circuit.

If the door is NOT equipped with a two-way traffic option, DO NOT connect the white and green wires to the activation circuit; instead, connect the brown and blue wires to the safety circuit.

Using the LCD, set RAD: REENTRY to value “”3″” or “”4″”. Walk-test to ensure there is a minimum of a 24” reactivation zone.


Why does the IXIO LED blink fast red when I try to unlock it with the remote control?

A lock code has been entered. To remove it, power cycle the IXIO and then press UNLOCK > LOCK > 0000.


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