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BEA Universal Remote Control

Remote Control


Universal remote control assists in the adjustment of BEA sensors.
Product compatibility

Will the REMOTE CONTROL work with my TV or satellite dish?



Will one REMOTE CONTROL work with all BEA sensors?

Yes. However, some sensors have functions that require the new version of the REMOTE CONTROL with the colored buttons.


Is there a User’s Guide for the REMOTE CONTROL?

No. REMOTE CONTROL adjustments can be found in the applicable sensor’s User’s Guide.


Why does nothing happen when I press the “unlock” button?

Verify that the batteries are good and that the REMOTE CONTROL is aimed towards the sensor.


Does the REMOTE CONTROL have an on/off switch to preserve battery life?



Why does the sensor LED flash quickly when I press unlock, but it does not flash when any other button is pushed?

The sensor has a lock code entered. You must cycle the power, then, within 60 seconds, press unlock, lock, 0, 0, 0, 0. This sequence will reset the lock code to the default “0000” or nothing.


Is the older model of the REMOTE CONTROL (no colored buttons) compatible with all BEA sensors?

Yes, with the exception of the LZR-WIDESCAN.


How can I check if the REMOTE CONTROL is transmitting?

Try the REMOTE CONTROL on another sensor or use a SPOTFINDER to check for presence of IR.
You can also use a smart phone. Aim the REMOTE CONTROL at the smart phone camera and push any button on the REMOTE CONTROL. If you do not see a pulsing LED in the camera screen, the remote needs to be replaced.


Why does the REMOTE CONTROL model I have not show A, B, C, or D buttons?

That is the older model of the REMOTE CONTROL. The corresponding buttons are the column of 4 buttons to the right of the numeric pad.


Why does the REMOTE CONTROL still not work after changing the batteries?

Try bending contacts for batteries out a little.


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